NFI adds MacroPoint freight tracking

NFI, a supply chain solutions provider offering dedicated transportation, warehousing, intermodal, brokerage, transportation management, global, real estate, and trailer storage services, is adding MacroPoint freight tracking software to its brokerage system.


The software will allow third parties to view load status, MacroPoint said.


“We chose MacroPoint to fill a gap in the track and trace function of our business,” said David Broering, senior vice president, integrated solutions at NFI. “MacroPoint gives us another tool to use to provide our carrier partners with options for updating us with the location of the loads they’re hauling. With MacroPoint we will also be able to track more loads with the same number of people, allowing us to scale our business faster without having to incur additional overhead costs.”


Activated on the mobile phones of drivers hired by NFI’s carrier partners, MacroPoint’s location tracking software provides load status and location visibility. With MacroPoint, the company has real-time location tracking, on-time delivery monitoring, and arrival/departure notifications, eliminating the need for third parties to check in to receive load status reports.


“MacroPoint is pleased to work with NFI to automate and fully integrate their load tracking process of third party carriers,” said Glynn Spangenberg, general manager and executive vice president of MacroPoint. “With our freight tracking software, NFI not only meets their immediate goal to see 100% of their loads in transit, but they also gain operational and profit leverage as they grow and expand their Integrated Solutions business.”

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