Omnitracs and TMW: Integration improves user experience, driver workflow and navigation

NASHVILLE. Omnitracs, LLC and TMW Systems announced new integration capabilities “to further streamline fleet operations” here today at the TMW TransForum User Conference .

The companies said the new capabilities will allow fleets using TMW’s  TL2000 and Omnitracs’ “thin client” AS/400 integration for Mobile Computing Platforms (MCPs) to gain increased visibility into Omnitracs Portal features-- as well as enhanced integration for Driver Workflow and ALK RouteSync navigation.

“Omnitracs is committed to delivering seamlessly integrated solutions that offer greater asset visibility and operational intelligence to address fleets’ most pressing safety, regulatory and productivity needs,” remarked Dan Speicher, CTO of Omnitracs.

These integrated solutions and their key features, as describd by the companies, have been released:

  • Omnitracs Thin Client AS/400 Integration for TMW TL2000 Version R2014.0.01. Enables TMW TL2000 IBM i customers to use all of the Omnitracs Portal features, including mapping, geofencing and global groups, through a more modern and robust user interface. “By using thin client, TL2000 customers will require fewer computing resources and can reduce their software maintenance spend.”
  • Omnitracs Driver Workflow to TMW TotalMail version 14.30. This new integration for Omnitracs Mobile Computing Platform 110 and 200 enhances operational efficiency through better management of load assignments. “This helps fleets deliver the right information to the right driver at the right time, helping to reduce expenses, improve productivity, and let drivers focus on safety and customer service.”
  • Omnitracs/ALK RouteSync Integration to TMWSuite version 2014.13_07.0847 and higher via TotalMail version 14.20.82 (SP12). Provides seamless integration to TMWSuite customer fleets’ back office and onboard systems to ensure consistency between planned route and the navigation route in the cab. Drivers receive turn-by-turn directions via Omnitracs Mobile Computing Platform to better adhere to the planned route, improving route compliance, reducing non-revenue mileage, and creating operational consistency among variables such as planned vs. actual miles, driver pay, billing, load planning and fuel tax reporting. Additionally, out of route mileage is reported immediately after every trip. Optionally, carriers may also configure the RouteSync system to utilize ExpertFuel version 8.3, also from TMW, to generate fuel-optimized routes for the driver, enabling increased fuel purchase savings and ease of use.

“TMW and Omnitracs have collaborated for many years, offering our shared customer base cutting-edge functionality,” said Ray West, vice president at TMW. “The new enhancements will provide customers the latest time-sensitive and actionable information when they need it to make appropriate decisions quickly.”

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