Omnitracs announces new functionality/vendor options

Omnitracs, LLC has announced the availability of a series of new value-added solutions, including ALK’s RouteSync and high heat and fast leak alerts for the Tire Pressure Monitoring application plus the availability of the Omnitracs in-cab scanning application on the Omnitracs Mobile Computing Platform 50 (MCP50).

Additionally, the Critical Event Reporting (CER) applications on the MCP50 now support speeding alerts and additional third-party devices from Meritor On-Guard and Bendix Wingman that focus on collision mitigation and roll stability.

ALK’s RouteSync, an add-on to CoPilot Truck onboard navigation, integrates with the fleet’s back office and onboard systems to help ensure consistency between the planned route and the actual route. Drivers receive the planned route from the back office and are provided with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions via the MCP to help ensure adherence.

The new high heat and fast leak alerts offer a more comprehensive look at tire health. The high heat alert notifies drivers when a truck’s tires have surpassed safe tire temperature and have reached an excessive heat range. The fast leak alert informs drivers if tire pressure drops, indicating a detected leak.

Drivers receive the alerts in near real-time via the in-cab mobile device, while an alert noting a change of status and a possible tire health issue is delivered to the back office. The alerts are available at no additional charge to customers of MCP200 and MCP110 subscribing to the Tire Pressure Monitoring application.

The upgrades for Omnitracs’ MCP50, including in-cab scanning and expanded Critical Event Reporting, are scheduled to be available this month. In-cab scanning is already supported by the company’s MPC110 and MCP200.

“Omnitracs is committed to delivering the best value-added solutions for continued success of our customers,” said Dan Speicher, chief technology officer at Omnitracs. “With route management and tire health being among the top concerns for fleets, drivers can now have access to advanced technology that delivers real-time information, enabling them to make quick and intelligent decisions that improve the fleet’s bottom line.

"With the availability of in-cab scanning as well as speeding alerts and supplementary vendor options for CER,” he noted, “fleets using our cost-effective MCP50 can now make more proactive, intelligent business decisions to improve efficiency and safety, ensuring a healthier bottom line.”

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