Omnitracs expands web browsing for MCP110 and 200 users

Omnitracs has introduced “terrestrial browsing” for users of its Mobile Computing Platform 110 and 200 (MCP110 and MCP200) to allow for more web browsing options.

With terrestrial browsing, drivers can access the Internet via Omnitracs’ MCP web browser and terrestrial network, avoiding “offline” periods associated with no WiFi connectivity.

According to Omnitracs, terrestrial browsing is ideal for long-haul drivers that need Internet access, regardless of WiFi accessibility. Standard terrestrial networks provide reliable connectivity for drivers removed from a central location—such as a truck stop or distribution center, where WiFi might be available—for enhanced access to information and improved quality of life.

“The longer our drivers are on the road, we’ve found it becomes increasingly important to offer a dependable channel that they can leverage to connect with the office and complete key business functions in a timely manner,” said Jeff Krutza, IT manager, of H.O. Wolding. “With the addition of the terrestrial browsing application, our drivers will have near-ubiquitous coverage, helping them feel close to the company and their family despite being on the road.”

Terrestrial browsing lets fleets designate a list of approved websites to help control costs. The application intelligently takes into account whether a driver is connected via a terrestrial or WiFi network, ensuring the most economical access to the company portal and other critical office functions that help improve driver productivity. Additionally, to ensure fleets can manage costs effectively, Omnitracs offers a choice of data plans to support not only terrestrial browsing, but also other key mobile office applications including in-cab scanning and media manager.

“As driver recruitment and retention remain top pain points for the trucking industry, enhanced access to information on the road is a vital component of many fleets’ strategy to keep their drivers happy, safe and productive,” said Vikas Jain, vice president of product management and software as a service at Omnitracs. “Omnitracs’ Wi-Fi and Terrestrial Browsing options help make drivers’ lives easier by providing new, easy and cost-effective ways to stay connected and complete daily operations within the convenience of their own cabs.”

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