Omnitracs’ fault monitoring to be available on Navistar’s OnCommand Connection

More advanced analytic reporting will be available to Navistar and Omnitracs customers through fault monitoring optimized by Navistar’s OnCommand Connection.

Fault monitoring optimized by Navistar’s OnCommand Connection leverages data from Omnitracs’ fault monitoring application, combined with an easy-to-understand user interface developed by Navistar, Omnitracs said. In near real-time, the solution delivers more than 8,000 action plans based on vehicle fault codes generated, helping fleets increase vehicle uptime by supporting quicker repairs, tracking repair progress, and controlling maintenance costs.

The solution, which will be available to fleets with all-makes of vehicles and engines and Omnitracs Mobile Computing Platform onboard technology, also includes a dashboard that provides fleet managers access to vehicle health reports, weather, fault description and location, and time of the fault via the user interface or email notifications.

Fleet managers can receive updates from dealers and maintenance shops through the solution.

“By partnering with Omnitracs, we can pull fault code data to create easily digestible vehicle diagnostics reports,” said Brian Mulshine, director of parts and service technology. “We have found that real-time visibility into the operational health of the vehicle empowers our customers to better understand the severity of vehicle issues and determine the appropriate course of action—resulting in increased uptime and more loaded miles.”

“Fleets today are inundated with data, but they don’t always know what it means or have the resource to translate it into corrective action in a timely manner,” said Vikas Jain, vice president of product management and software as a service at Omnitracs. “With our Fault Monitoring Optimized by Navistar OnCommand Connection carriers now have the tools they need to take appropriate action more quickly, reducing costly maintenance expenses and increasing workflow efficiency.”

Fault monitoring optimized by Navistar OnCommand Connection will be commercially available to Omnitracs and Navistar customers in the second quarter.

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