Omnitracs subsidiaries offer new apps

Omnitracs subsidiaries offer new apps

Two subsidiaries of Omnitracs showed off new applications at the company’s Outlook 2015 annual user meeting in Dallas, TX this week.

Roadnet Technologies, which specializes in transportation logistics software, formally launched its Roadnet Anywhere Tracking web-based workforce management application – offering fleet managers an “always-on” level of visibility into a driver’s work day, with real-time location provided through GPS positioning.

Cyndi Brandt, Roadnet’s director of product marketing, said Anywhere Tracking requires no additional hardware and can be installed across a broad range of smart phones and tablets to give fleets instant visibility into drivers and assets in the field.

“The trucking industry is becoming increasingly mobile and fleets expect instant visibility into their drivers’ location and status of shipments,” she added said. “Anywhere Tracking offers an easy-to-use mobile platform for vehicle tracking and real-time driver performance analysis.”

Fellow Omnitracs subsidiary XRS Corp. noted this week that its platform now integrates with the SpeedGauge Safety Center – allowing fleet managers to more accurately identify unsafe and costly driving whenever and wherever it occurs, said Jon Van Winkle, VP- product management for XRS.

“This integration provides safety managers a new level of visibility into driving behavior and speed-related performance, allowing them to better identify and reduce risky driving behaviors, and improve fuel efficiency,” Winkle added. “Whether on a back road, the interstate, or in the yard, fleets will know if their drivers are complying with posted speed limits, allowing them to build a culture of safety throughout their fleet.”

Using vehicle location, heading, and speed data generated every minute from the XRS system, the SpeedGauge Safety Center is able to correlate actual speed with posted road speed, thus allowing for true speed-by-road analysis, Winkle explained. The unique high resolution GPS from XRS provides an increased level of granularity to the SpeedGauge Safety Center, he pointed out.

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