Online calculator of alternator fuel consumption

A new online fuel economy calculator from Remy International helps calculate the impact a Delco Remy high-efficiency alternator has on fuel consumption.

Available at, the calculator shows that a typical long-haul fleet equipped with Delco Remy high-efficiency alternators with brushless durability, like the 36SI or 40SI,  can save as much as 28% in fuel costs compared to a standard brush-style competitive model, said the company.

“Power is not free,” said Mike Bradfield, senior staff engineer. “The fuel usage related to alternators is meaningful and savings can be significant, particularly the more trucks you own or operate.”

Bradfield’s research—outlined in the Improving Alternator Efficiency Measurably Reduces Fuel white paper—was used to develop the online, hands-on calculator that measures potential fuel savings for truck fleets and operators.  The white paper can also be accessed at

Users input basic information such as duty cycle, yearly miles, years of ownership, number of trucks in the fleet, and the price of fuel. With that data, the calculator estimates:

  • Maximum efficiency on regular vs. high-efficiency models
  • Yearly fuel costs
  • Fuel costs over life of vehicle ownership
  • Fuel costs for entire fleet over life of ownership
  • Potential savings gained from high-efficiency models

“The more efficient the alternator, the less engine horsepower is required—and that translates into a fuel savings of hundreds of dollars per truck, per year,” Bradfield said.

 “Our goal,” he added, “is to give customers a tool that allows them to quantify savings and analyze the cost-benefit ratio for their particular situation.”



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