OnTerra introduces RouteSavvy Premium API

OnTerra Systems introduced the RouteSavvy Premium API, a new version of the company’s route optimization application program interface for independent software vendor and in-house software development teams at companies that need enterprise route planning and route optimization software systems.

“Our new RouteSavvy Premium API is significant because it offers advanced route optimization features typically available only in custom route optimization systems that typically cost millions of dollars,” explained Steve Milroy, CEO.  “In contrast, RouteSavvy Premium API allows independent software development companies and enterprise software development teams to easily integrate advanced route optimization into their route planning systems at a fraction of what it would cost to develop a custom route optimization system.”

RouteSavvy said its Premium API offers advanced route optimization functions including:

  • Time Windows: This feature allows users to specify a window of time when drivers need to arrive at a particular stop.

  • Commercial-Truck Road Restrictions: Can provide optimized routes based on height, width, length, or weight restrictions on certain roads, and recommend an efficient, optimized route appropriate for the height, width, length, or weight of specific vehicles in a company’s fleet.

  • HazMat Driving Restrictions: Can factor in hazardous materials road restrictions, and allow users to generate an optimized route with restrictions against hazardous materials being carried by certain vehicles in the fleet that carry hazardous materials.

  • Real-Time Traffic:Can access real-time traffic data to identify roads with traffic problems or delays and provide optimized routes that take into consideration traffic delays as they occur, and allow route planning solutions built with the RouteSavvy Premium API to re-route vehicles.

  • Predictive Traffic Routing:Can access traffic history information from a variety of sources about traffic delay patterns and provide an optimized route based on future traffic conditions.

  • Up to 100 Stops:Can provide optimized routes using up to 100 stops (50 stops with traffic).

  • Avoid Areas: Allows users to specify an area that they want the optimized route to avoid.

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