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Opus9, FleetUp partner to drive visibility

Opus9, FleetUp partner to drive visibility

Silicon Valley-based companies to offer cost savings and real-time data for Opus9’s truckload customers.

Opus9, a digital 3PL for U.S. shippers, has partnered with FleetUp, a fleet management system, to further drive efficiencies and cost savings for Opus9’s truckload customers.

Existing Opus9 carriers, through its 9Network, are invited to join a partner program to provide real-time GPS tracking and ETA services to Opus9’s customers, expanding and enhancing customer service.

“Through this exciting partnership, we will empower carriers with the ability to have full control on sharable fleet data,” said Alex Ryu, founder and CEO of Opus9. “We are thrilled to work with FleetUp as they are a premier innovative fleet management system in the industry.”

By partnering with FleetUp, Opus9 said it expands visibility benefits for its customers. Before this enhancement, blind spots existed in the logistics and transportation industry. This partnership will enable customers with connectivity benefits, cost reductions, shorter lead times and greater agility in their supply chains.

For Opus9’s carriers, they will get FleetUp's ELD at a discounted rate of 20% off monthly costs. The ELD benefits include:

  • An easy-to-use ELD solution
  • Live location tracking
  • The ability to analyze fuel waste through smart reporting

“FleetUp will be able to provide reliable ELD and hours of service AI features, preventative maintenance alerts, analyze fuel waste and supply other key metrics to Opus9’s customers,” said Ezra Kawk, co-founder and CEO of FleetUp. “We can save companies tens of thousands of dollars a month through unparalleled tracking and analysis reports.”

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