ORBCOMM releases new management solutions for fleets

ORBCOMM has launched ORBCOMMconnect, a multi-network subscriber management portal “designed to give customers complete control over their wireless services and connected devices, while reducing the complexity of managing and integrating multiple connectivity offerings,” the company said. It also recently released a new solution, Enterprise Connect, focused on wireless devices and applications, which the company says require uninterrupted, high-bandwidth connectivity.

According to the company, ORBCOMMconnect’s user interface facilitates one-click access to advanced reporting and drill down functionality, including valuable analytics, customizable tables and pre-defined or custom reports that can help customers turn big data into smart data they can leverage to make business decisions.

“ORBCOMMconnect expands the breadth and depth of our solutions portfolio, opening up a host of new market opportunities and giving us strong traction as a leading multi-network wireless operator in the global M2M and IoT markets,” said Marc Eisenberg, CEO. “Through this advanced platform, we can optimize M2M and IoT service delivery and subscriber management across multiple networks, enabling better business planning and helping to reduce and control costs for our customers.” 

The ORBCOMMconnect portal is also available for both iOS and Android devices as a mobile application to enable subscriber management on the go.

ORBCOMM said its Enterprise Connect leverages 4G LTE to provide “reliable wireless WAN connectivity that can be used as a back-up to existing broadband connections for distributed enterprise, financial, hospitality and retail locations.” 

“ORBCOMM Enterprise Connect provides both large and small enterprises with an affordable turn-key solution that combines world-class connectivity, hardware, management capabilities along with network and deployment support,” the company said. “ORBCOMM’s wireless failover service is a strong complement to enterprises that rely on wired technologies, such as T1, T3 MPLS networks and cable modems. Utilizing integrated routers from industry-leading hardware manufacturers, customers can instantly switch to a 4G xLTE connection on a Tier One cellular network in the event of a primary network communications failure, including hardware failure, construction-related cable cuts and extreme weather situations such as hurricanes and earthquakes.”

In addition, ORBCOMM said its Enterprise Connect provides Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) capabilities that allow IT personnel to remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues with networking equipment using cellular connectivity when primary networks fail. Remote troubleshooting capabilities enable early identification of the cause of the outage and accelerate repair and/or replacement of the equipment, minimizing the costs associated with downtime and dispatching a technician on-site, according to the company.

“As part of our expanded M2M and IoT portfolio, we can now address a host of new markets with a  wireless service that will help protect businesses from unexpected network outages and ensure they have fast, reliable connectivity to conduct business efficiently,” Eisenberg said. “With a small investment in ORBCOMM Enterprise Connect, our customers will gain significant bottom-line benefits by reducing risks of downtime, lost productivity and customer experience issues.”

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