ORTEC to sell Cadec’s PowerVue software and OBCs

Cadec Global and global supply chain software provider ORTEC have reached agreement on a deal to allow ORTEC to resell Cadec’s PowerVue software and onboard computers (OBCs).

PowerVue is a flexible SaaS-based fleet management solution, providing all the best-in-class, advanced fleet management features in a single, easy-to-use, secure and reliable platform with innovative in-cab hardware designed specifically for the enterprise-class customer, Cadec said. ORTEC’s routing and scheduling software helps fleets optimize routes, reducing overall transportation costs. Combined, the solutions provide an “end-to-end solution for fleet management, routing and scheduling.” Transportation managers can send routes and route updates over the air to drivers in their vehicles, in real time, where they are displayed on the Cadec OBC. PowerVue’s configurable workflow and growing library of web services middleware make it easy to integrate the software with third-party packages such as ORTEC's and to tailor solutions for specific customer needs.

“OBCs have become the smart hub within delivery vehicles, providing drivers with the information they need while conveying real-time data such as vehicle location and driver status back to fleet managers,” said Jeff Wilson, president of ORTEC North America. “This proactive system is highly efficient and enables management by exception.  We’re excited to be working with Cadec, which has a long history of innovation in fleet management, and proud to make Cadec’s PowerVue and hardware solutions available to our customer base.”

“ORTEC has long been recognized as a leader in routing and scheduling,” said Pete Allen, Chief Executive Officer of Cadec. “Integrated together, PowerVue and ORTEC provide essential real-time data that helps companies better manage their fleets. Getting these time sensitive route updates over the air improves driver efficiency, on-time delivery and even fuel performance, which are all top priorities for today’s fleets. We’re looking forward to working more closely with ORTEC to help fleets meet these important business goals.”


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