Otto we be autonomous?

Well, I should have known it. When I was in college in Cambridge, MA, at MIT in the 70s, it was a big thing for some of the fraternity brothers to bring back Coors beer on a plane or run in a car across state lines. I spent a good deal of my early career in Milwaukee, WI. Part of the time was spent on the manufacturing floor of Miller Brewing using vision systems to make sure the labels on the beer bottles were properly applied.

So, now, it all comes together with my work in making trucks safer and more productive. On Oct. 20, Otto ran a load of Budweiser beer (Miller, Coors, and Budweiser are all part of Anheuser-Busch InBev as approved by shareholders 28 September 2016) from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs in Colorado on Interstate 25. In the future I won’t have to stop off at the Growlerie or local pub, or duck into the grocery store to pick up a case, six-pack or single big bottle. Instead, I can get on my iPad, log into Amazon, and have it delivered in PRIME time while I’m watching my favorite TV show and being a perfect couch potato. I can even have a pizza delivered at the same time. Maybe Schwan's will also deliver some ice-cream for dessert. I worked with them a bit over a decade ago when they first started using telematics to help with home delivery.

Otto was the first Holy Roman Emperor and known as Otto the Great. That’s great, because I believe in God and love beer! Let’s toast—

Everyone should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink!

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