PacLease unveils new-gen telematics system

PacLease unveils new-gen telematics system

PacLease has launched its next-generation of telematics, the PacTrac Fleet Management system. The new version offers fleets improved communication with drivers and more real-time diagnostic data from vehicles, among other features, PacLease said.

Increased messaging, an onboard event recorder, fault code reporting from the vehicle’s engine control module are available for rental customers through the system, which is powered PeopleNet.

For leasing customers, the new system features an enhanced onboard event recorder for accident reconstruction, as well as unlimited messaging plans and the ability to schedule data downloads from the PacTrac onboard computer as frequently as every 30 minutes. 

“With the ability for fleets to stay in contact with their drivers more easily and to download information from the vehicle more frequently, fleets will find it easier to track and monitor their assets,” said Neil Vonnahme, president of PacLease. “Fleets are increasingly turning to telematics as part of their operating strategy in response to federal regulations and the need to better control costs, track driver performance, improve route efficiency, and monitor equipment.”

PacTrac offers four different bundles, one for rental customers and three for leasing customers. The three bundles for leasing customers include the Lite, Performance, and Performance and Safety packages. All four packages feature an onboard computer that tracks various data points from the vehicle’s ECM. The data is displayed on a web-based fleet management portal. More frequent data downloads allow fleet managers to keep closer tabs on company equipment, cargo and driver performance, depending upon the company’s needs.

PacTrac’s online web-hosted fleet management tool allows fleet managers and service managers at PacLease franchises to develop customized reports that can alert them when potential issues may arise while the vehicles are on the road. The managers can assign various degrees of urgency to those potential issues, so that drivers can be told if something needs to be addressed immediately, or if the issue can be addressed during the vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance visit.

Additional value-added services can be added to the Lite, Performance, and Performance and Safety packages of PacTrac including tire pressure monitoring, speed monitoring and in-cab navigation. Customers who utilize PacTax, PacLease’s fuel tax reporting and vehicle licensing service, can have vehicle data imported from the PacTrac system to help automate the reporting and administration of fuel taxes.

“PeopleNet is excited to once again join forces with PacLease by offering their customers a more robust integrated onboard computing and mobile communications system,” said Brian McLaughlin, president for PeopleNet. “This next generation of PacTrac delivers updated telematics packages filled with more features and value for both rental and leasing customers. Our partnership with PacLease is a natural fit. We both are customer-oriented companies focused on effectively reducing operating costs and improving fleet productivity.”

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