Parts purchasing data export tool added to Dossier

Arsenault Associates has added a parts purchasing data export tool to its Dossier software. The tool allows users to export data related to parts purchasing to business systems for payment and reconciliation.

FinanceLink is now included in Dossier version 6.2.

“Every release of Dossier brings many improvements in maintenance management based on our users’ feedback and industry trends,” said Bob Hausler, vice-president of marketing & technology at Arsenault.  “Sometimes we improve Dossier by delivering functionality that helps those outside of maintenance. FinanceLink is such a feature. It’s an option that makes it very quick and easy to send data to virtually any financial application.”

FinanceLink makes it easier for accounts payable to know that the maintenance department has received the correct parts and it is now OK to pay the vendor’s invoice, Arsenault said.

“Lots of software can export a report of purchases,” said Hausler, “but FinanceLink does two things that make it different; both are focused on ease of use.”

The first is that export data, which can be chosen from a drop-down menu, can include up to 15 pieces of information such as dates, vendor, purchase order number or general ledger code. The data fields can be ordered for input to a business system or for an account’s review as an excel sheet, Arsenault said.

Additionally, the software also has an “OK to Pay” checkbox that must be checked before an invoice can be paid. Once that box is checked, the data from that invoice cannot be exported a second time, preventing bills from accidently being paid twice.

Once defined, the exports can run automatically or manually. FinanceLink exports can specify a date range, check all transactions, or run as of the prior day, prior Sunday, or last day of the prior month.

As with any release of Dossier, version 6.2 includes many minor enhancements.

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