Patent awarded to EBE

EBE recently announced that the company has been issued a patent for the qualification process used in EBE’s SHIPS enterprise solutions including: Logistics Management, Driver Recruiting and Driver Management.

“Our clients have migrated from reviewing and processing every document, data set and activity to working by exception,” said Larry Kerr, EBE president. “The now-patented qualification process helps carriers and logistics providers to identify quality drivers and carriers more quickly and capitalize on an opportunity. We continually develop solutions for the industry targeted at improving quality, accuracy and productivity, while at the same time, protecting the investment they’ve made to their existing back- office and imaging systems.”

The new patent (U.S. number 8,364,702 B2) is expected to be one of many. EBE is in the process of pursuing additional patents that reflect significant enhancements in driver retention, DSO and accessorial management, according to Kerr. “Patent recognition validates to the industry that EBE’s investment in and commitment to innovative solutions sets our solutions apart from commodity- based software,” he noted.

SHIPS evolved from EBE's experience in imaging and transportation-specific workflow applications. Utilizing a unique intelligent database and auto-flow technology, SHIPS was developed to automate labor-intensive operational tasks to deliver improved operational efficiencies, reduced labor costs, improved customer service and increased profitability. SHIPS modules include: financials, logistics, recruiting, safety and compliance, and driver performance management.  

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