PC*Miler updated with redesigned user interface

ALK Technologies has released PC*Miler 27 with new features and enhancements, including a redesigned graphical user interface. The update also includes hours-of-service compliance tools for more precise arrival and delivery time estimates.

“PC*Miler 27 is a milestone for ALK. We’re thrilled to unveil this robust yet easy to use interface with an all new look and feel,” said Mike Bodden, senior vice president of technology. “The new UI provides an improved user experience with easier product navigation, resulting in increased productivity.”

The new user interface reflects recent trends in software design that result in more intuitive navigation of the product’s vast feature set, ALK said. The user interface features a ribbon style design with newly crafted descriptive icons, a more accessible layout for smoother transition between tasks, and windows that can be floated outside the PC*Miler application to better accommodate workspace needs.

The hours-of-service compliance tools help ensure that routes and ETAs will accurately reflect driver’s available hours. The HOS compliance tools increase the precision of arrival and delivery time estimates and help dispatchers and drivers comply with HOS government regulations.  Based on remaining hours, the software calculates when a driver needs to break, and indicates the designated breaks in the detailed driving directions report, automatically updating on-duty hours.

Through the PC*Miler|Connect interface tool, fleets are able to import or export the drivers’ remaining hours associated with specific routes.

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