Pedigree Technologies releases TPMS solution with Doran Manufacturing

Pedigree Technologies OneView platform allows for the reading of tire pressure readings remotely, giving dispatchers and others the ability to view tire pressure.

OneView is used with Doran Manufacturing’s Doran 360 tire pressure monitoring system. The Doran 360 system sends tire pressure readings to the OneView platform each time the ignition is turned off or on and whenever there is a dramatic tire pressure loss or a low pressure alarm is activated in a tire. Tire pressure readings are combined with the vehicle’s real-time GPS location. OneView sends email and text message alerts to the dispatcher if improper tire conditions exist.

“The system provides customers with deeper visibility into their operations. Tires are one of the top expenses for equipment/trucks and operating with underinflated tires will decrease tire life at the very least and usually leads to downtime,” said Joshua DeCock, director of product management.

“Adopting Doran tire pressure monitoring systems has proven to reduce tire-related repair and maintenance expenses for a number of fleets around the country,” said Jim Samocki, General Manager for Doran Manufacturing. “The capability to have remote visibility to tires with low pressure allows fleets to proactively address those tires, which helps to improve tread life, improve casing quality and minimize roadside repair calls from catastrophic tire failures.”

The Doran 360 tire pressure monitoring systems utilize a valve stem mounted sensor, which transmits air pressure and temperature data to OneView platform and to a monitor/display in the cab of the vehicle. The LCD display allows the driver to see current tire pressure readings for each wheel position and it provides both visible and audible alerts when a low tire pressure threshold is reached, including a unique FastLeak alert that is triggered when a tire drops 2.8 psi in less than 12 seconds.

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