Pegasus TransTech announces automated document classification service

Pegasus TransTech has released Transflo Docu-Type, an automated document classification service that speeds document processing and billing for carriers and freight brokers. 

Docu-Type complements the Transflo suite of scanning solutions, providing document classification for documents scanned, Pegasus said. Before being routed to the fleet or broker, documents are identified automatically based on proprietary business rules and key word patterns that fingerprint and classify each document.

“This new solution reinforces our initiative of continuing to support the momentum of the revenue cycle for our fleet and broker customers,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO.  “Now, we can ensure that all of the doc type data needed for auto-processing and faster billing is provided instantly to the customer when the document images are delivered.”

The system Type leverages the hundreds of millions of documents electronically processed through the Pegasus TransTech data centers annually to identify documents and provide the most accurate read rate in the industry.  The service integrates into existing Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and saves time and labor, and reduces errors associated with manual doc typing.

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