Pegasus TransTech improves image quality of Transflo Mobile app

Pegasus TransTech has updated the Transflo Mobile smartphone app to improve the optimization of document images, resulting in crisper and higher quality images.

Transflo Mobile allows users to scan and submit documents electronically using only a smartphone.

To ensure that images are legible, this new version of Transflo Mobile automatically provides an additional electronic quality check right on the smartphone. The readability of each image is evaluated, scored, and validated before submission. If the user captures an image that has questionable focus or is not legible, the app prompts the user to review or re-take the image.

There is a special algorithm for enhancing images that are traditionally difficult to read such as multi-page colored documents or carbon copy forms. It also allows users to lighten and darken the document image which is especially important for colored documents that have varying hues and shades of text.

Other enhancements that improve the quality of images include a camera default setting that automatically turns the flash to the “on” position.

“We pride ourselves on high quality images that can be used to quickly and easily process billing and payroll,” said Bob Helms, Pegasus TransTech chairman and CEO. “Our newest version of TRANSFLO Mobile demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing fleets and brokers with the best image quality in the industry.”

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