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Penske is implementing onboard cameras from SmartDrive into its dedicated trucking fleet.

Penske introduces video-based safety to dedicated truck fleet

Penske Logistics announced it is introducing a video-based safety program in over 2,800 of its heavy-duty trucks across the company’s North America operations. The company has implemented event-triggered onboard cameras from SmartDrive that face inside the truck cab and outwards to the road, along with an ongoing driver safety coaching program.

“We’re committed to running a safe fleet and strive to ensure that our truck drivers are equipped with the latest fleet safety technology, late model vehicles, and ongoing safety coaching,” explained Penske Logistics president Marc Althen. “This new safety technology allows us to take our dedicated carriage fleet safety to another level to the benefit of the motoring public, our drivers and customers.”

Penske noted that the new program further enhances other safety-related technologies deployed within the dedicated carriage fleet, including: backup alarms, collision avoidance and lane departure systems, stability control systems, air disc brakes, electronic driver logs, onboard telematics and vehicle diagnostics systems, speed governors, and advanced visibility LED headlights.

“A key component of this technology is the ongoing driver safety coaching program that accompanies it,” Jason Herr, Penske vice president of safety, stressed. “Using the footage, we’re able to review incidents and coach drivers to be better and safer drivers. During a pilot program last year, results of the video-based safety program proved promising, as we saw significant reductions in total incidents and improved safety scores for our truck drivers at all locations.”

According to the company, the new cameras will not record unless triggered by an event when the vehicle is in operation. In addition, the combination of inward- and outward-facing cameras provide a wide-ranging view of driver behavior. Video footage can also be used for exoneration and reconstruction purposes, Penske noted.

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