PeopleNet engages in integration efforts

Onboard computing and trucking software provider PeopleNet recently integrated its product offerings with those from two partners – ALK Technologies and TMW Systems – while signing up trucking conglomerate J.B. Hunt Transport Services as a customer for its electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) technology to track hours-of-service (HOS) driver data.

The first integration fits PeopleNet’s onboard computing package with ALK Technologies’ CoPilot Truck In-Cab Navigation application – providing drivers with spoken turn-by-turn directions to reduce distractions while reducing out-of-route mileage, wasted driver time and fuel costs.

The second creates a new PeopleNet automated workflow integration package through the TMWSuite software from TMW Systems designed specifically to boost efficiency for tanker fleet operations.

PeopleNet said this new “tailored” workflow application reflects this segment’s unique information needs in custom forms integrated with TMWSuite, allowing dispatchers to populate order/load information into forms that prompt drivers through a queue designed to gather required data, minimizing driver interaction and ensuring collection of accurate information.

Finally, PeopleNet noted that J.B. Hunt is wrapping up installation of its BLU.2 device on 2,300 of J.B. Hunt’s trucks to provide both EOBR and other onboard computing needs. PeopleNet added that all new trucks purchased by J.B. Hunt are fully equipped for their PeopleNet installation through factory pre-wiring and are activated prior to deployment. 

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