PeopleNet to supply telematics to Kenworth, Peterbilt

LOUISVILLE. PeopleNet has been selected by both Kenworth and Peterbilt to be the exclusive telematics provider for both OEM’s remote diagnostics system being rolled out this summer.

The technology will help fleets better manage the uptime of their vehicles by automatically notifying fleet managers and dealers of potential service events and providing expert service recommendations. 

PeopleNet’s vehicle health monitoring technology provides automatic notification of vehicle health issues based on severity and recommends immediate actions that can prevent a breakdown or unscheduled service event. Kenworth Class 8 trucks powered by Paccar MX-13 engines will have Kenworth TruckTech+ powered by PeopleNet’s integrated vehicle health monitoring system. On Peterbilt models, again equipped with a Paccar MX-13, the platform will be named SmartLINQ.

The systems includes the PeopleNet Mobile Gateway, managed network, cloud services and an online portal with real-time information for fleets and dealers, along with analytics for Kenworth engineers.

“We’re excited to be Kenworth’s exclusive provider for remote diagnostics, which will enable a fleet to monitor vehicle health in real-time,” said Garland Jackson, PeopleNet’s recently appointed OEM general manager Garland Jackson. “The PeopleNet solution delivers actionable data based on enhanced analysis of fault codes to immediately give fleets and dealers the information they need to prevent unplanned service events. With the integrated PeopleNet service, fleets can be confident they are doing everything they can to keep their trucks on the road.”

PeopleNet also said its g3 platform will be available on the introductory version of Cummins Connected Diagnostics platform.

With this service, the PeopleNet system wirelessly connects Cummins-powered equipment to genuine Cummins fault code analytics to provide immediate diagnosis of vehicle condition. The service notifies the fleet manager of the severity of the issue and, within seconds, offers expert guidance to fleet maintenance and operations management.

“We’re thrilled to continue to evolve our capabilities with Cummins, as we work toward one comprehensive package that will give fleets a competitive edge and more fleet performance information,” said Jackson. “A key benefit of having the Cummins Connected Diagnostics service is that it will work for any PeopleNet customer running a mixed fleet with Cummins engines.”

The service will help fleets manage uptime, which will help keep trucks and drivers moving and profitable. The service detects and diagnoses emerging potential equipment failures and notifies the appropriate people with actionable information. By preventing unscheduled service events, equipment utilization goes up, scheduled arrivals are on time and drivers can maintain productivity.

The system will go live on April 1.

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