PeopleNet-TMW integration enables custom ad hoc reporting

Custom reports provide management with critical information

PeopleNet , a provider of integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems, and  TMW Systems, a provider of transportation management solutions, this week  announced a new integration between PeopleNet’s Vehicle Management engine data and TMW Systems’ TMW Data Warehouse.

PeopleNet said this integration will “enable custom ad hoc reporting that meets a variety of information requirements across key operational metrics such as asset utilization, compliance to fueling program, on-time deliveries,  idle time and percentage, and profit analysis” as examples.

 “Recognizing that executive management needs access to a variety of different information affecting different business objectives and profitability, the amalgamation of engine, dispatch, and maintenance data within TMW Data Warehouse  creates an opportunity for ad hoc reporting through TMW Data Warehouse Explorer about key performance indicators across fleet operations to enable proactive decision-making that supports achievement of business goals,” stated PeopleNet’s manager of Integration Services, Kerri Tabor.  

According to Peoplenet, as critical tools for better decision-making, these comparative reports benchmark performance, highlight areas for improvement as well as progress in meeting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly business goals across all operational areas.

In addition, the reports provide the flexibility to drill down to the desired level of detail in critical areas in need of improvement.

“TMW recognizes the critical value of Vehicle Management data,” said David McKinney, vp & gm for Optimization at TMW Systems. “Through inclusion in the TMW Data Warehouse our customers can create reports relative to operational and fleet maintenance content from other TMW systems. 

“This marriage of data creates new relationships for historical analysis, and brings us closer to predictive modeling based on reports from the asset in near real-time,” he added.

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