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PeopleNet unveils new products at ATA Conference

ORLANDO. PeopleNet introduced four new products to improve fleet security, safety and efficiency, during ATA’s 2017 Management Conference & Exhibition.

New product introductions include:

PeopleNet Connected Gateway

The company announced the debut of the PeopleNet Connected Gateway (PCG) onboard device. Serving as a vehicle-bridging device, the PCG allows fleets the flexibility to connect to a wide range of in-cab displays and mobile devices via WiFi to 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks, according to PeopleNet.

“The debut of the Connected Gateway marks the continued evolution of PeopleNet’s mobility solutions to connect drivers, displays and vehicles to improve safety and performance,” said Eric Witty, vice president, product for PeopleNet. “Not only is the compact Connected Gateway device designed with security in mind but it is also built to enable fleets to harness the enhanced performance and reliability of 4G LTE networks.”

The PCG can be self-installed, connecting directly into the vehicle diagnostic port and mounted on the truck’s dashboard. In addition, the PCG relies on data and device security technology. The PCG connects to the engine bus and provides encrypted communication back to PeopleNet’s cloud data center.

Video Intelligence Backup Camera

PeopleNet released its Video Intelligence solution has added what it says is the the industry’s first wireless trailer backup camera to automatically pair with tractors to stream live video in-cab. The fully integrated Video Intelligence solution, which also includes forward and side-facing cameras, now allows fleets to use 360 degrees of video data. PeopleNet’s Video Intelligence Solution triggers video from company-controlled settings from a truck’s Onboard Event Recording (OER), augmenting traditional driver and truck analytics with onboard event recording.

The backup camera is powered by the anti-lock braking system (ABS) of the trailer and uses a transmitter to automatically pair it to any tractor equipped with a PeopleNet Video Intelligence receiver. This pairing also allows for wireless streaming of live video on an in-cab display when the vehicle is in reverse, reducing blind spots for the driver, the company noted.

“The introduction of this powerful backup camera gives fleets and their drivers better visibility, helping to navigate backups and provide video in the event of a rear-end collision,” said Jim Angel, PeopleNet vice president of Video Intelligence Solutions. “Adding this trailer camera to our solution is part of the evolution of the Video Intelligence platform to meet the safety and compliance needs of the customers we serve.”

In addition to the new backup camera view, PeopleNet’s Video Intelligence solution utilizes forward-facing and left and right side view cameras to create a 360-degree view around the cab and trailer of the truck.

The Video Intelligence solution also integrates with the Safety Analytics dashboard to monitor driver behavior, posted speeding events and hours of service (HOS) violations. The dashboard also captures Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) points and violations data provided by Vigillo.

Fault Intelligence Monitoring Solution

PeopleNet introduced its PeopleNet Fault Intelligence as part of its ConnectedFleet platform. This new solution provides comprehensive, real-time vehicle health and safety information and fault guidance.

Fault Intelligence is powered by Noregon, a PeopleNet technology partner since 2009. The solution builds on Noregon’s expertise in vehicle data and telematics technologies and PeopleNet’s core competency in mobility and analytics.

“Keeping trucks and drivers moving is a constant challenge for any fleet,” Witty said. “Fault Intelligence provides actionable information to maintain productivity by preventing unscheduled service events, improving vehicle utilization and helping to ensure a fleet stays on schedule.”

“We routinely heard from fleets that the marketplace lacked a comprehensive solution to turn their vehicle data into valuable information,” said Bill Hathaway, founder and CEO at Noregon. “Noregon is extremely excited to work with PeopleNet to offer customers an unprecedented look into the real-time health and safety status of their vehicles.”

Fault Intelligence gives users real-time, detailed fault data from each vehicle, including a safety score, health score and location information to better manage overall fleet operations. This fully configurable solution also allows users to customize fault management options and create action plans that align with their company’s processes and procedures related to vehicle maintenance.

LoadDocs Scanning App: PeopleNet is now offering scanning functionality across a wide range of Android devices in partnership with LoadDocs, a company that delivers mobile-first collaborative workflow management systems for logistics and field service companies.

PeopleNet customers interested in mobile scanning solutions can now choose to deploy the LoadDocs mobile app to digitally scan a wide range of documents using a PeopleNet-certified mobile device. On-the-go scanning allows fleets and their drivers improved flexibility in sharing digital versions of paperbased items such as expense reports, inspection reports and bills of lading (BOLs).

LoadDocs’ scanning solution is available to customers who use PeopleNet-certified Android-based in-cab displays and mobile devices, in conjunction with a PeopleNet Mobile Gateway (PMG) or PeopleNet Connected Gateway (PCG). Through the app, users can scan documents with the camera on their device; no additional hardware is required. The mobile app provides an intuitive user experience with page detection, automatic cropping and high-quality image capture across a range of devices.

“Developing solutions specifically aimed at increasing visibility and efficiencies is at the core of what we do,” said Will Chu, co-founder and CEO at LoadDocs. “PeopleNet is a leader in the fleet mobility industry and we look forward to helping their customers improve how they share information across their fleet.”

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