PeopleNet's new myMedia app offers streamlined file-sharing between drivers, back office

Fleet mobility and management technology provider PeopleNet has introduced myMedia, a software application that allows fleets to exchange documents, photos, videos and other media files between drivers and back-office personnel. The company debuted myMedia at the National Private Truck Council's 2017 Annual Conference in Cincinnati this week.

myMedia will be available on Android-based devices as part of PeopleNet's ConnectedFleet platform. The app's users can share audio, video and PDF files, and multiple files can be sent at a time with the ability to target distribution to an entire fleet, specific individuals or other customized distribution list.

"With myMedia, drivers and back-office users can now share important files to help improve efficiencies and productivity across their entire fleet," stated Eric Witty, vice president of product management at PeopleNet. "With open platforms today, carriers expect to have the ability to use the platform creatively, whether it is to share important company news and training videos across a driver base or for an individual driver to submit images of Proof of Delivery documents to the back office."

When a driver receives a file, myMedia stores it locally on the in-cab display so the driver can quickly access it later, regardless if a device is connected to a network. Drivers can also take photos and videos in the field, storing them on their Android device and sending them to the back office.

"When it comes to driver and back-office communications, more information helps to tell the whole story," Witty noted.

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