Pest control fleets use technology to combat bugs

Pest control fleets use technology to combat bugs

Fleetmatics Group announced the findings of an in-depth analysis of its pest control customers’ fleet activity in honor of April being designated National Pest Management Month by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Every day, Fleetmatics’ pest control customers and their thousands of vehicles across the U.S. hit the roads to combat bugs, rodents and more. “To celebrate its hardworking customers, Fleetmatics tapped into tens of millions of data points collected from the company’s pest control customers’ vehicles to show just how dedicated this industry is to keeping communities, homeowners and businesses safe from these unwanted visitors,” the company said.

According to the findings, during 2015, Fleetmatics’ pest control customers made more than 11.5 million stops and traveled a total distance of 94.7 million miles. Additionally, Fleetmatics identified the top 10 U.S. states with the largest pest control problems based on its customer activity, or number of stops per vehicle, per day. The top 10 states with the most activity are: Nevada, Utah, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Arizona, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Kansas and Georgia, with pest control fleets in these states making on average 10 stops per day.

“Fleetmatics serves such a diverse range of service-based industries, allowing us to dive into our data for almost any particular industry. For this study, we tracked the performance of roughly 5,500 pest management vehicles over the course of a single year,” said Kathleen Finato, Fleetmatics chief marketing officer. “For our customers – regardless of industry – providing the same level of insight at an individual level can help them get more done, outpace their competitors and improve customer service.”

“Thanks to Fleetmatics, we are able to dispatch information more quickly and integrate scheduling more efficiently, ultimately allowing us to get more jobs done and improve business,” said Tyler Helton, general manager of Knock ‘Em Out Pest Control. “It also helps to give us an edge over the competition.” 

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