PHH InterActive search functionality improved

The search functionality of PHH InterActive, the online fleet management portal from PHH Arval, has been improved to provide users with more sophisticated tools to manage their fleet and operational costs, the company said.

A research effort led by PHH’s customer experience team uncovered that the search function was the number one touch point in the online portal. This led to the design of the new tool that is more intuitive, PHH Arval said.

“Listening to our clients and adapting our technologies based on their needs is critical for our business as well as our customers’ success,” said Dave Zuidema, PHH Arval senior vice president, customer experience. “The new search function will improve our clients’ interactions with PHH InterActive and enhance their overall experience with our online portal.”

The smart search tool, like modern search engines, condenses all vehicle and person searches down to one intuitive search box. The new capability allows users to instantly find vehicle- or driver-based information by inputting virtually any identifying information.

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