PrePass ups bypass reliability with new sites

HELP Inc., provider of PrePass, is integrating its bypass technology with new weigh in motion scales (WIMs) at three PrePass-equipped weigh stations. This is in addition to approval earlier this year for HELP-funded WIMs at 12 other PrePass sites, the company added.

HELP provides PrePass free-of-charge to each state that can project gains in weigh station safety and efficiency for both the trucking industry and compliance agencies. The new WIM sites are in Michigan, Ohio and Texas. In addition, 10 new PrePass sites that also include WIMs are nearly complete and will provide additional bypass opportunities soon in California, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

“HELP continues to utilize transponder technology for PrePass versus cellular technology because the transponder works every time,” said Steve Vaughn, HELP’s national director of field operations and former chief of the California Highway Patrol. “Transponders eliminate problems with in-cab mobile device and tablet use, cellular network deficiencies and disruptions from competing applications. They also provide the industry’s easiest-to-use driver system, minimizing the possibility of distraction and conflicting or missing signals.”

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