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Noregon Trip Vision Uptime

Noregon announces TripVision Uptime

Sept. 8, 2020
To facilitate new remote functions in TripVision Uptime, Noregon designed an on-board hardware device called the ND2, which can be easily installed on any make or model of heavy-duty truck and does not interfere with other vehicle hardware, such as ELDs.

Noregon announced its remote diagnostic application, TripVision Uptime, is available for purchase. TripVision Uptime is an all makes and models web-based application that gives fleets and vehicle owners the ability to monitor the health, safety, and performance status of all their trucks in real time.

According to Noregon, TripVision Uptime presents actionable information in an easily consumable format so users can detect problems and act on them in a manner that results in fewer breakdowns and extended uptime. The application utilizes color-coordinated health and safety scores, so customers know at a glance which vehicles need attention. Additionally, configurable alerts empower fleets to quickly become aware to issues that matter to them, such as trucks with decreased fuel efficiency or out of range parameters.

“We are very excited for this launch,” said Noregon’s CEO, Tim Bigwood. “We see this technology as the future for diagnostics and repairs and recognize the tremendous uptime opportunities it presents our fleet customers. Customers in the pilot program used TripVision Uptime’s remote bi-directional controls to avoid tows that saved them thousands of dollars.”

When vehicle issues arise, users can remotely clear fault codes, initiate bi-directional controls such as forced DPF regens and ACM resets, and configure vehicle parameters such as max road and cruise speeds and enable/disable idle shutdown. Along with the added bi-directional functions, Noregon introduced predictive fault technology to the application.

“This industry has envisioned predictive maintenance for many years now and we’re making it a reality,” said Alec Johnson, TripVision product manager. “Based on machine learning, we present TripVision Uptime users with predictive health scores when faults are expected to escalate into more serious issues. This includes the percentage likelihood of an escalation and a mileage range for when the escalation will likely occur, plus recommended action plans. Fleets who follow this advice will save a considerable amount of money by avoiding breakdowns and addressing issues before they become costly.”

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