QuikQ demonstrated how its fleet fuel purchasing system works at the TMW Transforum in Orlando FL Photo by Aaron Marsh
<p>QuikQ demonstrated how its fleet fuel purchasing system works at the TMW Transforum in Orlando, FL. (<a href="http://fleetowner.com/technology/views-tmw-transforum-technology-hub">Photo by Aaron Marsh</a>)</p>

QuikQ fuel purchasing integrated with TMW software

Photo support for fuel transactions now being tested, QuikQ pres says

QuikQ President Ernie Betancourt demonstrated the company's fuel purchasing and management system, including new features on the way. (Photo by Aaron Marsh)

QuikQ, provider of a cardless connection between truck stop point-of-sale (POS) and motor carrier enterprise systems, announced that its fuel purchasing and monitoring product has been intregrated with TMW Systems' Innovative software. By utilizing asset, dispatch and driver data from Innovative, QuikQ says its system "will allow carriers to improve the overall accuracy, speed and efficiency of the fuel purchasing process, from back-office through the point-of-purchase."

The QuikQ fuel purchasing system is designed to allow a fleet, truck stop and truck driver to use live carrier data for real-time control and reporting and improved security over fuel transactions, according to the company. The integration with Innovative allows customers to use their transportation management systems "to validate and authorize fuel purchases as they occur — and without having to access a third-party purchasing system and duplicate information," QuikQ President Ernie Betancourt explained. 

"Our mutual customers will now have faster and better control of what is happening at the pump," he added, "by eliminating the need for separate databases and because QuikQ uses TMW dispatch, truck, trailer and driver records."

In addition, Betancourt and other QuikQ personnel showcased a new photo support feature being developed for the fuel purchasing system. "We were granted a patent to allow, basically, one-click viewing" of photos from a fuel purchase, Betancourt told Fleet Owner. "When you're looking at a fuel ticket, you can click on it and up comes a series of images that were taken during the fueling — so you can see it was your truck, which driver it was."

"We're just going live with that test right now" working with truck stop companies, he added. The photo support adds another layer of authentication for carriers looking to eliminate theft and waste from fuel costs. "If they've got a question about the fuel ticket, they can click on an icon and get time-lapse photos from the beginning of the transaction to the end," Betancourt said. 

The QuikQ-TMW integrated functionality is available in Innovative release R2015.1, according to QuikQ, and uses the Innovative FlexFuel system to streamline access to real-time data on fuel purchases made through the QuikQ system. Innovative FlexFuel's information on dispatch details and fuel purchasing policies allows QuikQ to provide and manage separate purchase policies for tractors, trailers and drivers.

QuikQ notes that the information allows fuel purchasing transaction data "to be immediately and efficiently updated when a driver is added or removed from a carrier's Innovative database." The product integration includes private-label versions of the QuikQ fuel purchasing system, according to the company, and the QuikQ processor can be run on a fleet's enterprise system instead of QuikQ's data center.

Visit www.QuikQ.com or www.TMWSystems.com for more information. 


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