Rand McNally announces solutions integration with Bolt Dispatch software

Rand McNally’s TND 760 and TPC 7600 mobile fleet management solutions have been integrated with the Bolt Dispatch software. Bolt provides an internet-based dispatch and fleet management solution.

With the integration, Bolt’s fleet customers will be able to use the Rand McNally solutions to increase visibility for estimated arrival times at customers’ warehouses; improve cash flow by invoicing immediately after a shipment has been unloaded at the dock; and provide tracking of shipments from originating dock to shelf, Rand McNally said.

“Our customers were asking us to take a look at Rand McNally’s mobile communications devices. From everything we’ve seen and heard, we feel Rand McNally is on the leading edge, providing business efficiencies and a quick return on investment with easy installation, and advantageous pricing,” said Jerry Robertson, CTO of Bolt. “In addition, Rand McNally’s architecture - the way in which their software and hardware is designed – is state of the art, allowing for continued upward mobility.”

The Bolt system will use GPS coordinates and geofencing provided by Rand McNally’s mobile solutions to:

·         Populate custom forms for billing, transmitting the invoice seconds after the truck departs the delivery dock

·         Alert receivers that the delivery is inbound, increasing the likelihood that a dock will be available for immediate offloading

·         Be the “eyes and ears” from the road to the back office, alerting the management team to driver irregularities and maintenance issues.

“Bolt’s integration with our mobile fleet management products leverages its technology investment and allows our mutual customers to achieve the full benefits of both products,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally.

“Bolt’s plans to integrate our award winning navigation will create additional positive business impact, such as helping to reduce out of route miles and providing routing to in-network fueling,” he added.



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