Rand McNally releases fleet management web portal

Las Vegas. Rand McNally has released its new Rand McNally Connect web portal. The portal will allow users a single point for viewing all the metrics, features, and services connected with Rand McNally’s TND 760 and TPC 7600 mobile fleet management products.

The announcement was made at the Truckload Carriers Assn. 75th Annual Convention here.

The new web portal features a dashboard view to make it easy for fleet managers to see trends and key performance indicators quickly, and then to drill into business issues via detailed reports.

“Our goal with the Rand McNally Connect web portal is to provide a scalable management platform for our customers’ operations. From a single sign-on, managers and dispatchers have a seamless portal that will manage not only Rand McNally mobile devices but incremental, value added services our customers will find integral to managing their operations such as fuel tax, CSA scoring and others,” said Jim Rodi, senior vice president mobile communications.

The portal also includes dynamic mapping which combines location intelligence with a visually based user interface and features a robust set of geo-spatial tools allowing for a “war room” like user experience, the company said.

A geofence program allows complex polygon “fences” to be drawn and provides alerts and reports on vehicle activity. The portal also offers a POI Manager, which saves important locations to the mapping interface for viewing customer locations, terminals, and more.

In addition to the new portal, Rand McNally announced that it will be integrating a host of value-added services. These services will pull data from Rand McNally mobile fleet management devices and provide insight things such as driver behavior/CSA scoring, fuel-tax reporting, and event analysis for improving training and safety.  

SpeedGauge, a provider of business intelligence and location-based analytics, is the first of these services to be fully integrated with the Connect web portal. SpeedGauge will use the GPS tracking information from the Rand McNally devices to identify the location, frequency, severity and duration of speeding events. Fleet managers subscribing to the service can create customized reports, considering context (“where exactly was the driver speeding?”) and analysis (“is this particular driver doing better or worse than last week?”). The reports allow managers to address driver behavior, and to track improvements over time, while reducing the opportunity for additional citations when a driver is pulled over for speeding.

The company also announced its automated Workflow capability is now integrated with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Enterprise solution.

The integration enables McLeod customers to use data from Rand McNally’s TND 760 and TPC 7600 mobile fleet management solutions to manage their fleets’ flow of activities, providing real-time alerts when tasks are completed or action needs to be taken.

Automatic updates enable fleets to efficiently manage detailed processes, such as special offloading instructions, invoicing, and customer updates with delivery details. The updates also provide automated notification of arrival and departure at critical points along the load. From the driver’s perspective, Workflow offers an intuitive user experience, with an easy-to-follow checklist for each load.

With the integration complete, the combined system is able to:

  • Provide automatic notification of arrival and departure for critical stops on a trip. Without driver intervention, LoadMaster is instantly updated with current status information.
  • Integrate turn-by-turn navigation allowing the driver to navigate from stop to stop without having to manually enter the address.
  • Include fuel stops into the daily trip plan.
  • Provide the driver with a planned schedule for the day. Drivers can compare their actual to planned time as they progress through their trip.
  • Provide a streamlined user interface to the driver. The drivers follow simple instructions in a task-list like format throughout their day and see check marks when they complete a task.
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