Raven Inc. leverages Cargo Chief’s Tracks TMS

Over the last three months, Raven, Inc.—a regional carrier from Selma, CA—has benefitted using Cargo Chief’s newly launched Tracks TMS, according to Cargo Chief. “Tracks TMS is a web-based transportation management system that has improved Raven’s efficiency and scalability by connecting its entire business in one system,” the company noted.

“The Cargo Chief system gives us complete visibility into our equipment, our drivers, their fuel, overall costs, everything—all accessed from a phone, tablet or laptop,” said D.J. Randhawa, operations manager for Raven Inc. “Tracks TMS has already saved us up to 15 percent just by having immediate visibility to correct issues quickly.”

Tracks TMS provides carriers like Raven with the ability to control orders, load tendering, dispatching, invoicing customers and paying drivers from one system. In addition, Tracks TMS provides real-time tracking on trips in progress, including data regarding fuel stops, routes and current tire pressure, the company added.

“Whenever the drivers fuel up, the costs go right into the system so you’re always aware of the profit and loss of a trip while it’s happening,” continued Randhawa. “The visibility has helped us with on-time deliveries as well, because we can help our drivers on the spot with any challenges they have.”

Tracks TMS can be accessed from any Internet-connected device and takes the flexibility of working on mobile devices to the next level. The solution can integrate with an existing accounting solution and connect with many popular load boards, so carriers can find a load and/or post an available truck on multiple load boards from one screen.  Through an SMS (text message) push between the dispatcher’s computer and the drivers’ cellular device, load confirmations can be communicated and Proof of Delivery (POD) can be sent immediately after the load is delivered - all without downloading an app. 

“The best feature might be the collaboration we’ve got with Cargo Chief regarding the system,” said Randhawa. “They want to improve and customize for us—we’ve already made a few suggestions on features like discounted fuel cards to further help us compete on a daily basis.”

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