Rear View Safety releases new driver fatigue monitoring system

Rear View Safety recently released the MR688 Driver Fatigue Monitoring System to the market. According to the company, the product, which is designed to alert a driver to situations where driver fatigue and other dangers are likely to occur, has been “embraced in the hundreds by various oil companies for their fleet of vehicles to be used in applications within the oil, mining and gas industry in Indonesia.”

The system is designed to not only predict and identify situations where drowsiness and fatigue may be setting into a driver, but also to alert those drivers so that they can pull over to the side of the road and take other necessary steps to insure their general safety and the safety of other drivers, the company said.

According to the company, when the RVS-MR688 Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is installed, a single camera is placed on the dashboard of the vehicle in question with the lens facing the driver's face at all times. From the moment the ignition in the car fires, the camera is always on and is always monitoring the driver's face for signs of fatigue. Because of this, it can recognize how a person's face changes when fatigue begins to set in and will play an audible alert, helping to keep them attentive and focused on the road in front of them at all times, the company said.

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