Redesigned DAT Power Load Board streamlines shipping process

DAT Solutions announced the availability of its new, web-based DAT Power Load Board, which the company said “delivers results faster, reduces clicks and keystrokes, and has unique teamwork features that enable users working in groups to see what each team member is working on.”

A complete redesign of its flagship load board, DAT Power uses proprietary emPower technology, which learns how the user works. Inspired by web technologies used by industry leaders such as Google and the top social media websites, DAT Power enables carriers and freight brokers to move more freight in less time.

“DAT has once again demonstrated why it is considered the market leader.  Our technical team has delivered a new standard for productivity and efficiency,” said Greg Sikes, vice president of product management. 

He explained that a team of engineers and usability experts interviewed and observed freight brokers and carriers to determine how the load board could improve their performance in a fast-paced work environment.
According to DAT, the benefits include:

  • Team functionality: DAT Power enables team members to see each other’s search results and exchange notes within the load board. 

  • Search faster: While some load boards refresh their postings every 60 seconds, new results on DAT Power appear instantly. A filter panel enables users to quickly expand or narrow results. DAT Power learns user preferences for each lane.

  • Post faster: There are fewer fields to fill out along with auto-suggestions as the user types. Managing multiple postings is easy with batch actions like refresh and rollover.

  • Fewer screens to open: DAT Power displays more information on the search results page, reducing the need to open new windows to view critical information.

  • Access from any computer: The web-based program can be used from any computer —including Macs — at work, at home, or while traveling.

“I like the simplicity,” says Stephanie Whitford, dispatch manager at DES Freight Services in Sacramento, CA. “You don’t have to go hunt and search for any of the buttons you need.” 

Freight broker Daniel Wixted, president of Ready Expediting in Columbia, SC, says that load board speed is just as important to brokers as it is to carriers. “When I post on DAT Power, I get three to five calls quickly,” he said. “It’s fast.”

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