Reporting solution transmits ECM, GPS data

The next-generation telematics platform from Zonar Systems collects and reports data to improve decision-making through more insightful, high-level reporting, the company said.

The V3 telematics platform collects data directly from the vehicle ECM, integrates that information with satellite GPS readings and transmits the data over 3G networks. It features GPS tracking capability, 3G high-speed data connection, built-in accelerometer, WiFi, and ultralow power sleep mode – all at OEM quality levels.

According to Zonar, the information collected will give fleet managers the data needed to make operational decisions, improve data and tracking accuracy, and increase overall safety and efficiency.

“The V3 takes our comprehensive vehicle tracking and diagnostics solutions to a whole new level,” said Mike McQuade, chief technology officer at Zonar. “The best GPS receiver available combined with 3G speed and OEM-quality makes the V3 the new standard for fleet telematics. There’s no other system like it on the market.”

GPS position accuracy is improved through the V3’s parallel time and frequency search capabilities that instantly find satellites. Anti-jamming technology and low power consumption are other features that allow the system to function even in the most challenging environments, Zonar said.

The combination of GPS and ECM data provides geospatially precise vehicle performance metrics – a unique offering for which Zonar holds a U.S. patent.

A 3-axis accelerometer that senses changes in gravitational force including front-to-back, side-to-side and up-and-down, accurately determines motion and orientation for timely and accurate detection of hard-braking, hard-acceleration, and hard-cornering events.

The V3 features real-time vehicle diagnostics with fault code data instantly delivered to fleet managers and dispatchers, often before the driver is aware of the problem, Zonar added.

“The redesigned V3 adds a new facet to operational monitoring and performance,” added McQuade. “Because it utilizes the 3G network, the V3 not only captures the most robust and reliable data set available, but it gets that data in front of those who need it much more quickly and reliably than ever before.”

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