Roadnet rolls out new business intelligence tool

DALLAS. Roadnet Technologies, a business unit of Omnitracs, LLC, announced the launch of Roadnet Insight, a Cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tool designed to deliver context-related information across an entire enterprise, including planning, dispatching, asset and vehicle tracking, proof-of-delivery and telematics. The announcement was made in Dallas in conjunction with the ongoing Omnitracs Outlook 2015 conference taking place here this week.

Roadnet Insight links analytics directly to other Roadnet business applications, addressing the growing demand for information rich systems and “embedded and pervasive analytics.” The product further takes advantage of advanced forms of data visualization to allow users to more quickly and easily obtain critical insights from their operations, according to the company.

“Fleets today are leveraging sophisticated technologies, many of which generate a vast amount of data, Kevin Haugh, vice president and general manager at Roadnet Technologies, said. “… For customers, Insight reduces the burden of sifting through and interpreting complex data by filling in the missing link between analytics and operational applications and presenting data in a manner that is easier to consume.”

“Insight’s interface allows users to see the connections between all parts of transportation management,” he added, “in order to make informed decisions that will impact their operations and, most importantly, their bottom line.”

Synchronized with customer operations and the business of transportation management, Insight tracks the entire enterprise, allowing users to view trends and trace them back to the events that caused them in order to better understand where successes and challenges lie, Haugh noted. It is also designed to support and maintain all operations data, data warehouse and the user interface.

Insight is fully compatible with on-premise and SaaS solutions and is integrated with Roadnet’s suite of products. It is currently available for customers subscribing to Roadnet Anywhere. For Roadnet Transportation Suite customers, Insight will be available in March 2015.

The company also announced the expansion of its Roadnet Telematics solution to provide tight integration into its routing, dispatching, proof of delivery and Insight offerings. “With this release, Roadnet customers have access to an even more comprehensive and integrated mobile fleet management platform, which supports a wide array of hand-held proof of delivery devices, basic tracking devices and telematics devices, each delivering information via a consolidated user interface,” said Haugh.

“The ability to combine routing and dispatching with telematics data allows fleet managers not only to orchestrate efficient route plans but also to see how drivers are performing against these plans,” he added, “and at the same time monitor performance around behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, idling and off hours movement of the vehicle.”

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