Roadnet updates Transportation Suite with enhanced tracking, smartphone app

Roadnet Technologies has released Roadnet Transportation Suite version 3.60 (RTS v3.60), which includes enhanced routing, scheduling and tracking functions.

The latest version incorporates upgrades that more accurately track service time maintenance intervals, improves the quality of location delivery cost reports and includes new functionality to address a variety of product and delivery variables.

RTS v3.60 is also compatible with the Android smartphone platform and features a dedicated application.

“The introduction of RTS v3.60 reflects the investment in our research and development to continually upgrade and improve our software solutions to address the changing needs of our clients,” said Len Kennedy, CEO of Roadnet Technologies. “These enhancements directly address the on-going feedback that we receive from the transportation logistics industry, combined with our research and analysis regarding emerging challenges that fleet and mobile resource managers face on a daily basis. Our two-pronged R&D effort integrates solutions addressing the present-day climate, as well as changes that we believe will impact our industry in the near future. This version is another step in accelerating our development and product release plans, and is particularly evident through the multiple new offerings within our mobile platforms.”

The vehicle routing software upgrade focused primarily on points-of-interest integration (POIs), delivery reporting, mid-route sourcing, and the addition of increased functionality across the overall software solution. The ability to reference maps or locate a rest point is now considerably easier and more simplified by viewing POIs in all Roadnet Transportation Suite map views, the company pointed out. The mid-route searching module allows customers that transport containers to more readily account for multiple units within a route and optimize pick-up and drop-off points.

Roadnet Technologies MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software enables companies to see transportation routes in real-time, combined with the ability to make changes to particular routes based on occurring events or conditions, such as weather or the needs of customers. Specific advantages include the automatic integration of data collected throughout the day that effect fleet plans; managing by exception, which allows the user to view exact locations of the drivers and to respond to unexplained stops; and providing pro-active customer service. 

MobileCast’s new Android smartphone application provides customers enhanced functionality and ease-of-use on a device substantially more compact than typical rugged mobile computer handheld devices.

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