Route profitability, optimal route distance added to Roadnet Transportation Suite

Roadnet Technologies has released Roadnet Transportation Suite version 3.6.2 (RTS v3.6.2). The new version of the routing, scheduling and tracking software includes enhancements that offer improved self-installation software upgrade mechanisms, fleet route profitability calculations and incorporates processes to efficiently calculate optimal route distances.

Each of these improvements combine to enable transportation logistics companies and professionals to perform real-time analysis of delivery routes; make immediate adjustments to schedules to improve efficiency; track the minute-to-minute performance of drivers, transportation fleet and provide functionality features that  help improve overall return on investment, the company said.

“RTS v3.6.2 is the result of continuing feedback and input generated from our customers to perfect a software tool that addresses each key variable in the transportation logistics chain,” said Len Kennedy, CEO of Roadnet Technologies. “The Roadnet Transportation Suite has successfully enabled transportation fleet owners to realize a new level of efficiency and cost-savings across multiple industries, and our research and development team continues to address emerging issues that fleet and mobile resources face on a day-to-day basis. This latest version specifically addresses route profitability and the calculation of optimal route distances.”

The optimal route distance function allows for the comparison of mileage of a route to the “optimal” route by distance. This new vehicle routing feature enables users to determine the impact of tight time windows on route performances, as well as quickly identifying those with excessive mileage figures. In addition, it highlights the profit a fleet’s route generates based on total route cost and revenue per order.

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