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Samsara AG24 asset tracking system (Photo: Samsara)
Samsara's AG24 IoT Gateway can track trailers and a range of other assets, It offers remote control of refrigeration units like this one it's mounted on.

Samsara offers new tracking device, system for trailers and other assets

Internet-connected sensor systems maker Samsara announced a new solar-powered wireless gateway that tracks semi-trailers, heavy equipment, rail cars, generators and other high-value assets. The AG24 IoT Gateway also enables remote control and monitoring of refrigeration units.

The AG24 includes high-speed 4G LTE cellular connectivity; "real-time" GPS tracking; the ability to read data from a range of sensors; a ruggedized, weatherproof design for use in harsh environments; and a multi-year battery with solar recharging, according to Samsara.  

The product also features "plug-and-play" integration with Samsara's suite of gateways, sensors, and cloud-based software.

(Photo: Samsara)

The AG24 IoT Gateway features a rugged design, long-life battery and solar recharging, and it can track unpowered assets for years, according to Samsara.

The AG24 allows businesses to:

--Bring "real-time" location- and sensor-tracking to trailers and other assets;

--Track unpowered assets "for years" with its high-capacity battery and built-in solar panel; and

--Remotely control, monitor and ensure compliance for refrigeration units.

"Now we can pre-cool our trailers remotely, instead of going out to the yard and starting them manually, and we gain visibility into what happens at each customer stop," said Jim Hoss, VP of Operations and Transportation at Cash-Wa Distributing, a Samsara customer who was provided early access to the AG24.

"Samsara's new solar-powered solution would let us extend our visibility into totally new types of equipment such as zero-turn mowers and radar unit trailers," noted Tony Jones, fleet manager for the City of Cocoa, FL.

New sensors, features

Samsara also introduced new wireless sensors. These door, cargo, and temperature sensors offer wireless connectivity and a five-year battery life, the company said, and extend the AG24's capabilities with more sensor data on cargo status.

In addition, the Samsara Cloud software has added reports and alerts custom designed for the AG24 and new sensors. According to the company, the software helps customers optimize asset utilization, increase billing accuracy, recover lost and stolen assets, and simplify compliance when storing and transporting perishables.

(Photo: Samsara)

The Samsara AG24 IoT Gateway can add various accessory sensors, depending on what fleets are looking to track.

The AG24 offers "simple plug-and-play operation," according to Samsara, with "no IT networks, carrier contracts, or complex configuration" necessary. The AG24 also is designed "to be deployed by the thousands and generate a rapid return on investment for customers."

Further, Samsara claimed it is bringing the AG24 to market at "a disruptively low price."


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