Scandit case for iPod Touch to replace dedicated barcode scanners

Scandit announced the Scandit Case for iPod touch. “The new Scandit Case for iPod touch is the next-generation version of the Scandit Case for iPhone 6/6s and features improved materials that increase ruggedness and grip,” according to the company. “The Scandit Case works with all of Scandit’s mobile scanning solutions, provides protection during everyday activities, and offers a scanning experience equivalent to handheld scanners and mobile computers at a fraction of the cost.”

According to the company, the new case for iPod touch is designed to operate without additional electrical components by leveraging the device’s built-in camera and flash to scan barcodes with ease of use.

The Scandit Case is part of Scandit’s product line, including mobile software and cloud services designed to address mission-critical data capture workflows across the retail enterprise such as Order Entry, Proof of Delivery, Inventory Management, Inventory Lookup, Pricing and Markdown, Product Tracking and Tracing, Product Data Lookup and Stock Taking.

“We’ve heard the requests from retailers and others who want to use our Scandit Case with the iPod touch,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit. “We’ve taken the best parts of our Scandit Case design for iPhone 6/6s and created a redesigned Case for the iPod touch that includes improved materials, a lanyard loop, and a better overall data capture experience that our customers are sure to love—especially when they calculate the 5x TCO savings.”

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