Schneider National installs container, trailer tracking

Schneider National has instituted new tracking technology across its van trailer and intermodal containers. The new technology provides continuous, real-time information regarding the location and load status of each trailer and container while adding new supply chain efficiencies for both Schneider and its customers, the company said.

The installation includes an upgrade to the trailer-tracking technology currently installed on the company’s van truckload and dedicated fleets as well as first-time installation within the intermodal container fleet.

Schneider is installing Omnitrac’s Trailer Tracks 210 (TT210) technology on more than 44,000 intermodal containers and van trailers. Unlike trailers, intermodal containers are not tethered to a tractor for significant periods of time during the rail portion of a move, making it difficult to power a tracking device, Schneider said. Omnitrac’s technology uses solar and cellular power, opening the door for intermodal container tracking and load sensing for the first time.

“Having this crucial information at our fingertips allows us to respond to customers’ needs quicker and more efficiently than ever before,” said Jim Filter, senior vice president, Intermodal Commercial Management for Schneider National. “This investment, along with consistent rail improvements and our asset-based service, is creating an even more ‘truck-like’ experience for Schneider Intermodal’s customers.”

All of Schneider’s intermodal containers will be equipped with tracking devices by Sept. 30, 2013. The van trailer fleet upgrade will be complete by December 2015.

The technology enables Schneider to pinpoint the exact location of empty containers and trailers, making the planning and dispatch process more efficient, while reducing driver waste work and empty miles.

“We researched several technologies and chose to continue our use of Omnitrac’s tracking device platform, as we feel it is the most comprehensive solution for freight visibility,” said Dave Geyer, senior vice president and general manager, Van Truckload, Schneider National. “The new technology gives us the ability to better manage our trailing units, providing faster response time to customers and minimizing the amount of time, fuel, and wear and tear on equipment when having to locate a trailer.”

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