The Shaker Group deploys MacroPoint tracking

The Shaker Group, an expedited and time-sensitive shipper, is adding a freight tracking solution from MacroPoint to monitor is non-asset based loads. The system will provide increased visibility into loads and eliminate the need to rely on check calls for movement information.


“Before MacroPoint, our brokered freight tracking process only included two check calls per day and shipments could go six to eight hours between location updates and as an expedited carrier that is not often enough,” said Jason Smith, vice president of operations at The Shaker Group, Inc. “Now, we receive dozens of updates on each shipment and don’t have to require drivers to make check calls. We’ve also integrated MacroPoint with our Prophesy Dispatch TMS, which delivers a level of tracking accuracy our competition simply can’t match.”


Activated from a driver’s mobile phone or existing in-cab ELD/GPS devices, MacroPoint’s patented location tracking software gives third parties load status and location visibility on their shipments. With MacroPoint, brokers, 3PLs and shippers have the same real-time location tracking, on-time delivery monitoring, and arrival and departure notifications that GPS-enabled carriers have been utilizing for over two decades.


“The fact that MacroPoint works whether a carrier uses an onboard system like Omnitracs or Peoplenet or if they simply communicate with their drivers through mobile phones meant we were able to fulfill the visibility requirements for The Shaker Group that no other product on the market could meet,” said Glynn Spangenberg, general manager at MacroPoint. “We are pleased to know our technology is helping them not only satisfy the needs of their customers but improve the productivity and efficiency of their own operation.”

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