The Brazos County TX Sheriff39s Office is testing out the new Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90 mobile gateway Photo courtesy Sierra Wireless

The Brazos County, TX Sheriff's Office is testing out the new Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90 mobile gateway.

Sierra Wireless launches LTE-Advanced multi-network platform for first responders, field services and transit

Wireless module and gateway provider Sierra Wireless today announced availability of AirLink MG90, an LTE-Advanced vehicle networking platform designed to provide secure, always-on mobile connectivity that is "optimized for the world's most demanding wireless applications" such as law enforcement.

Sierra Wireless' new AirLink MG90.

Today's mobile workforce needs to connect more technology in and around their vehicles than ever before, the company noted, and these devices need to remain securely connected at all times, even as the vehicle moves from one coverage area to another. Law enforcement vehicles host multiple systems — things like body-worn cameras, laptops, electronic citation systems, live digital video surveillance and automated license plate recognition systems — that all need to remain securely connected as the vehicle travels.

The company says the MG90 provides:

• The world's fastest multi-network vehicle area network, with sub-second network changeover to support multiple high-bandwidth applications working simultaneously;

• Guaranteed, "always-on" connectivity with multiple simultaneous integrated WAN links, including Dual-LTE-Advanced, FirstNet Band 14 option, Gigabit Wi-Fi WAN, Gigabit Ethernet and extensions to satellite and Land Mobile Radio (LMR);  

• Connected vehicle awareness with built-in, vehicle-ready I/O, Bluetooth and vehicle telemetry interface for in-depth visibility of engine health and remote monitoring of auxiliary devices such as light bars, sirens and gun racks;  

• Mobile multi-network security using the AirLink Connection Manager to retain static IP address across all wide area networks without interruption, consolidating the security for all technologies connected to the vehicle are network; and  

• Advanced network management software using the AirLink Mobility Manager, enabling centralized and remote management, monitoring and configuration available as a cloud service or in the enterprise.

"Since we deployed the new AirLink MG90 in our test vehicle, we've been particularly impressed with its ability to connect to our two core networks, Verizon and FirstNet Band 14, at any one time," stated Josh Hearen, deputy sheriff of the Brazos County, TX Sheriff's Office. "Because it switches between both networks so quickly, the transition is invisible, resulting in almost no network downtime."

"First responder, transit, and field service fleets increasingly require multiple wireless networks to access always-on, secure communications in the field," said Jason Krause, senior vice president and general manager of enterprise solutions at Sierra Wireless. "This solution provides that network redundancy on the wide area and in the local area, and more importantly, ensures a smooth, swift and secure handoff of data between networks."

For more information about the MG90 and Sierra Wireless' solutions for the mobile IoT market, visit


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