SkyBitz introduces analytics dashboard, cellular tracking device

ORLANDO, FL.  Asset tracking provider SkyBitz has introduced a web-based dashboard for analyzing historical data collected by their trailer service and a new cellular-based tracking device custom built by the company. 

Announced at ATA’s annual management meeting, InSight Trends allows fleets using SkyBitz’ InSight trailer tracking system to analyze large data sets and view results quickly in easily understood formats, according to Henry Popplewell, sr. VP and general manager.  Examples include reports identifying conditions causing under or over utilization of trailers, comparisons of actual performances against goals, and downtime drivers.

The new data tool not only allows users to manipulate their own fleet data, but can also be used to measure performance against best-in-class operations, according to Popplewell.

The new Falcon GTX3000 trailer tracking unit is being built by SkyBitz rather than by a third-party supplier, Popplewell said.  By using the cellular network rather than SkyBitz’ satellite-based tracking network, the new unit can provide more on-demand data on a real-time basis to drive features like the new Trends tool, he said.

The GTX3000 can run on its internal batteries for 90 to 120 days and recharges when the trailer is connected to a tractor via the seven-pin connector.  Users can program reporting frequency and choose from a menu of available data points including miles driven, arrival and departure times, stop and start times, geo-fenced alerts, and load status when fitted with a cargo sensor.

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