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SkyBitz launches new fleet monitoring tool

Remote asset tracking and information management solutions provide SkyBitz has launched a new dashboard designed to give fleet managers additional insight into operations decisions.

Insight Now is available as part of the web application, SkyBitz InSight. It is a visual dashboard that provides real-time information and summarized views based on roles relevant to each customer’s business operations. Customers will be able to run new reports that are more visual and provide information meant for day-to-day operations and analysis, the company said.

“The combination of SkyBitz as a Service and InSight Now has been great for us. Together they have made SkyBitz trailer tracking easy to implement and use,” said Jeremy Payn, project/ IT manager, J Rayl, a SkyBitz customer. “InSight Now has provided us with the visibility needed to run our operations more efficiently. Right out of the gate it helped us cut down on leased trailers and utilize our existing resources better. With InSight Now we can easily navigate to and analyze data, which has helped improve our trailer pool management and demurrage tracking.”

The three main dashboard views are: Account, Operations, and Device Administration. Users can monitor their fleet and drill down to specific assets that drive the over-arching metrics and make adjustments.

According to SkyBitz, InSight Now allows users to:

  • Gain faster, more intuitive access for the day to day management of their fleet.
  • Analyze idle assets and drill down by landmark.
  • Check on cargo load status at landmarks.
  • Review number of assets moving empty for optimization opportunities.
  • Manage trailer pools minimums and maximums.
  • Monitor installation and status of devices across the fleet.
  • Review and manage user account access.
  • Survey device life and status for improved maintenance.

“Prospective and existing customers are increasingly requesting convenient and easy to understand visual information. Fleets can be monitored via the dashboard and drill down for any unexpected findings,” said Henry Popplewell, senior vice president and general manager, SkyBitz. “The launch of InSight Now provides customers with the ability to make faster and more informed decisions based on both real-time location and usage of assets.”

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