Smarteye 360 camera system eliminates blind spots

Smarteye 360°, a camera system that the manufacturer, Brigade Electronics, said eradicates blind spots and dramatically reduces collisions thanks to a bird’s eye view of the entire vehicle and its immediate surroundings, was introduced to the North American commercial truck market at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

Comprising four cameras, placed around the vehicle, Smarteye technology works by “stitching” each image together to provide a complete and accurate panoramic view from above. Each camera’s ultrawide angle and 187 deg. lens renders a realistic, light-balanced video image displayed in real time on a high-definition cab monitor with a program option to highlight the area of greatest risk.

As part of a controlled experiment testing the Smarteye system, a driver was tasked with reversing a truck “blindfolded” with all of its windows blacked-out. With the system installed, extreme caution, and a slow, steady pace, the challenge was completed easily and in complete safety, according to Henry Morgan, general manager, Brigade Electronics.

“Commercial vehicle manufacturers see safety as a necessity, not a compromise,” Morgan said. “That’s why we continue to focus on providing integrated solutions that go beyond industry standards. Smarteye is a great example of cutting edge technology being used to set a precedent for safety.”

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