Softeon releases end-to-end solution for delivery-intensive supply chains

Softeon, a provider of supply chain software, has released a new logistics solution that offers companies with distribution-intensive supply chains a single end-to-end product from distribution to routing.

The new offering includes a warehouse management system, order management and forecasting, truck loading, routing and accounting.

“The challenges of delivery-intensive companies are very real, and we have really put a lot of thought and development effort about how to best solve them for our customers,” said Gana Govind, president of Softeon.

The solution includes:

  • A warehouse management system (WMS) solution with special capabilities needed by delivery-intensive companies such as sophisticated picking functionality to support stop- and product-sequenced loading, full support for Voice technology, powerful labor and resource management functionality, and more.
  • Optimized delivery-truck loading, directly connected to picking operations in the WMS, including support for optimal loading of side-loaded truck common in beverage distribution.
  • Order management and forecasting solutions, capable, for example, of directing what inventory should be loaded on delivery trucks not only for pre-orders but also what is expected for “opportunistic” sales at delivery stops.
  • A robust route accounting solution, capable of running not only on traditional terminals but also now on smart phonesor tablets as well.
  • A comprehensive direct-store delivery (DSD) solution.

The entire end-to-end solution is available in either a traditional deployment or on-demand in the cloud.

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