Software solution helps to identify high-risk drivers and vehicles

The 8th product in Vigillo’s Daylight Suite of solutions is designed to prepare carriers for FMCSA CSA interventions by identifying high-risk drivers, vehicles, and crashes.

The Vigillo Intervention Manager is a web-based application that builds upon Vigillo’s CSA Scorecard. It was developed from observing and analyzing FMCSA’s actions during carrier interventions or “onsite audits,” Vigillo said. 

According to the company, over 50,000 carriers are labeled with an alert status in one of the BASIC’s of CSA. To better manage the volume of alerts, FMCSA developed a selection criteria and trained enforcement officials on how to identify the specific high-risk drivers, vehicles and crashes for focus during one of the levels of intervention defined by the CSA program.

“Our Intervention Manager essentially mirrors this selection criteria,” said Steven Bryan, founder & CEO of Vigillo. “It’s like having your own FMCSA auditor to prepare you in advance of an Intervention and essentially to keep you prepared at all times.”

Intervention Manager is an upgrade to the CSA Scorecard and uses the deep analytical power of Scorecard, coupled with an understanding of FMCSA’s selection criteria to pre-identify the specific crash, driver, and vehicle categories designated by FMCSA as a priority during an intervention.

Benefits of Intervention Manager include:

  • Automates hundreds of hours of manual paper processing to mimic FMCSA audit process and filter down to key audit targets: crashes, drivers and vehicles
  • It can be up and running very quickly – particularly helpful if preparing for an intervention only days away
  • Executive summary focusing on Intervention readiness 24/7 – including daily updates and automated re-prioritization
  • Peace of mind – Intervention readiness is measureable and manageable

“We really consider this new Intervention Manager as just a good safe way to do business,” said Bryan. “It allows you to be fully aware of your most critical data which in turns helps you to be proactive instead of merely reactive when it comes to CSA.”

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