Southeastern Freight Lines has opted to equip all 2850 of its regional LTL tractors with the PeopleNet BLU2 onboardcomputer system

Southeastern Freight Lines has opted to equip all 2,850 of its regional LTL tractors with the PeopleNet BLU.2 onboard-computer system.

Southeastern Freight Lines rolls out its latest onboard mobile system to entire fleet

Lexington, SC-based Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL), a leading regional LTL carrier, today announced that its fleet of over 2,850 tractors is now equipped with a new, upgraded onboard mobile system that “increases efficiencies by seamlessly integrating new custom applications to improve its already industry-leading customer service.”

This rollout of the PeopleNet BLU.2 system marks the fifth generation of updates to SEFL’s onboard technology system.

According to the motor carrier, its revamped onboard technology enhances customer service and the safety of its drivers’ environment by using applications that incorporate the location, navigation, vehicle performance, and other data surrounding a truck and its route.

For example, said SEFL, its fleet services department can now monitor the health of vehicles while they are on the road, sending advanced notifications if service may soon be required or to alert the maintenance team if a truck experiences an issue, such as overheating.

“With the advanced Wi-Fi capabilities of our newly adopted mobile technology, automatic relays of information are continuously sent through the server, such as vehicle mileages and pickup and delivery information,” said Braxton Vick, senior vice president of corporate planning & development, Southeastern Freight Lines.

“This opens the door for Southeastern to better monitor its fleet by being able to collect data instantaneously across our onboard mobile system’s telecommunications network,” he added.

The new onboard technology comes in a mobile device and accommodates the carrier’s customized fleet management applications, including electronic driver logs and driver vehicle inspection reporting solutions.

“In the fast-paced LTL industry, our drivers need to be able to access company and client data quickly and at any time during their journeys,” said Vick.

“This system-wide upgrade allows Southeastern’s drivers to enhance customer service by providing readily available information and applications,” he added, “while also providing new opportunities for applications to be added in the future.”

Southeastern Freight Lines is a privately owned regional LTL carrier that specializes in next-day service in the Southeast and Southwest.

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